America and the World is Waking up to Corruption, Podesta Group Closes

WATCH: Dems turn against Hillary, Podesta Group closes as Indictments Loom

Alex Jones breaks down how the failing Russian collusion narrative is backfiring on Hillary Clinton as Mueller prepares to bring forward indictments against Tony Podesta, and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile and other Democrats turn on the Clinton machine.

Ten Conspiracies Proven True, Operation Northwoods on Steroids 2017

Conspiracy theorists are proven right, again and again. Below are ten American conspiracies that are no longer theories, but proven true, no matter how absurdly unbelievable you may find them. ONE: Heart Attack Gun Theory, The CIA’s Heart Attack Gun this weapon exists. The CIA actually invented it with taxpayer money…

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The Gulen Movement: Turkey’s Islamic Supremacist Cult

ISLAMIC SUPREMACISM DOES BUSINESS IN U.S. VIA A TURKISH CULT: GULEN MOVEMENT IS AN ENGINE FOR ‘CIVILIZATION JIHAD. It has become increasingly apparent that the United States is not only confronting a violent effort by Islamic supremacists to impose sharia law on the rest of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim,…

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Obama Imports Syrian Trained Jihadi Refugees to Rain Hell Cannons on the American People!

Law enforcement, especially those directly involved with counterterrorism responsibilities, threat assessment and intelligence gathering professionals, know all too well America is engaged in a war, and it is already being fought in the Continental United States (CONUS). While the majority of citizens go about their daily lives as if these…

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GUN SALES: OBAMA TO SEEK EXPANDED BACKGROUND CHECKS AND GOVERNMENT WATCH LIST Obama’s advisers are finalizing a proposal that would expand background checks on gun sales without congressional approval. Valerie Jarrett says the president has asked his team to complete a proposal and submit it for his review.  She says the…

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