Political Tyranny ~ What does that mean and why you should care!

Hash-Heap-590-CI_FotorA nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less daunting, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared

Let me clarify the definition of tyranny for those having a hard time with the clarification. Tyranny is usually thought of as cruel and oppressive, and it often is, but the original definition of the term was Rule by Persons who lack sincerity, whether they are harmful or kind intentions.

So, the only way to secure and maintain lawfulness is a continuous responsibility to the people through the framework of a written constitution that provides for election of key officials and the division of powers among branches and officials in a way that avoids “strength of powers” in the hands of a few who might then abuse those powers.

obamapower_FotorA tyrant is one who rules without law, and uses extreme and cruel tactics against his own people as well as others. It is defined further in the Encyclopedia as a usurper of sovereign power who makes his subjects the victims of his passions and unjust desires, which he substitutes for laws. Most America’s can see this attribute in President Obama. Tyranny is the exercise of power beyond right, which not one person can have a right to; and this is making use of the power any one has in his hands, not for the good of those who are under it, but for his own private, separate advantage. The concept of tyranny is counterpoint to ideas of human rights and democracy.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Bill or Rights to restrict government’s power over individual rights. Attempts by Government to remove a single stone of the wall between Freedom and Tyranny, is a violation of the oath of any office and should be recognized as such. The first concern of the entire Population should be the preservation of the Bill of Rights.

Constitutional Freedom vs. Enslavement

20140713_tyranny_FotorThe current Political Spectrum places Communism on the extreme political left and Fascism on the extreme political right. Both are oppressive political systems, which no sane person would wish for, or tolerate as a form of government.

At the “center”, between these two forms of tyranny, are said to exist the “neutral” or “undecided”. Those considered slightly left or right of center are considered moderates and those with stronger views are considered more radical or extreme, with the idea that one is becoming more communistic or fascist. That is what you are expected to believe is the political spectrum.

With only these two extreme choices, It’s no wonder many people call themselves moderates. How is it these two political systems became our only choices? What depraved political philosopher came up with this terrifically unworkable spectrum? And why is it that the brightest Commentators of the day accept this foundation as truth?

Where does Democracy fit on this current scale? Where do you find a Democratic Republic on this spectrum?

The truth is, by actual historic observation, shows the only thing which lies between Communism and Fascism is bloody revolution where the last hopes and dreams of freedom are pounded to dust and blood flows through the streets from the last good men and women of that society.

Are we so blind in America that we do not see the most valuable thing which defines America the wholly grail of the oppressed and enslaved, “Freedom”. America represents freedom to the oppressed people of the world. The political spectrum is not a scale between two oppressive political systems, but spans a very wide spectrum between enslavement and freedom.

By expanding the spectrum further to the right toward freedom, the new political spectrum now includes a position for Democracy, which attempts to bring equality, and a Republic, which guarantees the natural freedoms and rights of each individual.

Americans are stuck between two oppressive political systems with the intention of stifling any attempt to regain freedom. Unless you understand no matter what strides America makes toward freedom, they will be only temporary. Because understanding and recognizing who they are can only oppose the forces that move America away from freedom, what they want and how they operate.

rp12-political-spectrumUnderstanding the expanded Political Spectrum is the first step toward the salvation and stability of freedom in our country. Learn it well. Then show it to a friend. One by one, people can be brought to an understanding that will protect them from being fooled into giving up their freedoms. It has been said that knowledge is a weapon. It is also a shield. Use it.

All through life, we have heard about the Left and Right of political thinking. We have been hammered with confusing issues regarding Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives. BOTH sides claim the OTHER POLITICIANS are leading us to ruin, destroying the American way of life, in truth both are doing just that.

Neither side is correct! There is a LIE. We have been told this lie so often, by so many different sources, most Americans no longer know who or what to believe. And that has been the whole purpose; to subvert our freedoms from within, using confusion so great, no one understands it or can take action! This is Political Tyranny!

There are extreme differences between political systems found at opposite ends of the political spectrum. The most evident and important of these is individual freedom. Political systems on the right provide an atmosphere wherein the individual can determine what is important to his life and provides opportunity to act toward achieving those goals and purposes. Whether the goals or purposes are achieved is not the point. Life without a dream is a lifeless existence.

The political systems on the left provide an atmosphere wherein they view mankind as gullible, unintelligent people who should be manipulated and deceived with lies. (Their view, not mine) The average person tends to trust and believe in the goodness of others. This is the trait which the far Left knowingly takes advantage of. The test of this is simple. If these same “gullible” and “unintelligent” people were simply told the truth by the left, the political left would be rejected.

The major failure and downfall of the “masses” is their inability to see evil or reject the truth. And when I say evil, I simply mean being lead toward a situation, which reduces the person’s survival and freedom of choice.

139513_600_zpsade6393b_FotorHow does one keep from being fooled? Understand Freedom! Understanding freedom requires responsibility for self, family and others, not just oneself. Irresponsible freedom resulting in crime or dependence reduces the freedoms of others.

The Right deteriorates into fascism. The right, being people of freedom, people who want freedom, and you say, “How is that possible?” What happens is the Left baits and badgers the right to keep them angry about the stupid things they are saying and doing.

They get more angry where there’s a conflict until their tolerance level is decimated because the right tolerates them as idiots for their lack of knowledge of communism or socialism. But as the left slowly drags them into conflicts the Right starts fighting it more and more. It gets to a point where it sink into fascism because its a last ditch effort to keep from sinking into communism. For instance Greece, they’re socialism deteriorated then they voted for Nazis, compromising their values to rid them of the deterioration, which is the exact same scale. I do believe Americans are different but the Political Terrorist we know as the New World Order believe our society will fall in the same manner.

When I look at our society I know that our country is the last free society, really the first real free society, and we are not going to be a textbook fall. And if we do it right, we move back toward freedom for everybody.

The Presidential Office of the United States and United Nations

77f5a518c8d8c8fd1fddae6a27db12f0Understanding the political systems, how they relate to each other, what happens to societies as political systems fail from political tyranny because of abuse of office – the culture slides more toward the Left. People can see clearly now what has happened to our educational and political systems and within each of these political systems and societies, they are linked together through the use of Political Tyranny from the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, Military, all government agencies and the United Nations.

The Press uses their political formats to spread their Political Tyranny. The police – what is the role of police in a free society, what’s the role of police in fascism – what’s the role of “secret” police really means in communism.

Every aspect of the culture can be viewed against this scale of freedom to enslavement, and as things go down the economy is used against the people for the ultimate goal of slavery or termination.

When people read this, they’re going to say, yes, I’ve seen that, I see that, I understand it and now I can do something about it! And doing something about it was the most important part, because when you don’t know or are confused, you can’t act. But when you do know – then you can act. “I see the problem, I can handle it.”

Communism and Fascism

85457_600_FotorThe Left Wing of the Political Spectrum
The current European Political Spectrum correctly positions Communism as the left wing of the spectrum. But it makes a grave error in placing Fascism on the extreme right. The truth is both are oppressive.

Because Fascism provides a bit more freedom to its citizens than communism it correctly lies to the right of communism on the political spectrum but it is oppressive just the same. But it is not the extreme right of the spectrum. That position belongs to the government, which provides maximum freedom while maintaining order in which people can live, be free and pursue happiness. A government of, by and for the people was a new concept and obviously not taken seriously by the European ruling class. Left wing politicians considered our republic dangerous, unworkable and frankly, contemptible. The far left are in fact enemies of common freedom.

george-bernard-shaw-dramatist-socialism-is-the-same-as-communism-only_FotorCommunism maintains oppressive, slavish control over its populace. It promised a utopia for the worker, a place where everyone would own an equal share of everything. Instead it enforced a controlling government (a single political party having exclusive control over all means of production and sales of commodities and services of its country, including workers).

It enforces “sameness” and “equality” through government “handouts” while prohibiting any ownership or reward for creative or hard work. In other words, another controls one’s life and fortune, which is the legal definition of slavery.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” Thomas Jefferson

America provided a unique problem to the political left wing. In the late 1800s, Communist Leaders realized their “workers” revolutionary tactics, as used against Fascist States, were ineffective in a free society. “Workers” had no reason to rise up against a government, which protected and guaranteed their freedom and right to pursue their own fortune?

maxresdefaultAnd thus was born the “progressive” communist party. This new left wing party adopted a progressive “peaceful” system of reducing a free society to communism. There most important tool: deceit, lies and secrecy. If the truths of their intentions are revealed, they are rejected by decent people and become ineffective. Lies and secrecy is the key to their success. This is where we are today in America.

The long-drawn-out Political Tyranny of the New World Order is the mastermind of Political Tyranny with hundreds of years experience as illustrated in Historical events at the manner in which a free society, endure attacks by the left, with government agencies such as Board of Education, atheists, religious groups, Planned Parenthood or Department of Human Services changing policy which takes from a Republic toward communism.

new-world-orderThere is a path from Freedom to enslavement it does not happen over night. It is the path America is on now. It is undeniable if one has the courage to look and see. Fortunately the path goes both ways. But one must know there is a path and what lies at each end of the spectrum and choose wisely.

The urge for freedom will never die in man. It is relentless. Only a small minority despises it. Unless freedom-loving people acknowledge the existence of both ends of the political spectrum and learn about the activities and tactics of the Left, it is not likely freedom will win this struggle without bloodshed and havoc.

So you have to ask an important question: Is your freedom worth the effort of educating yourself?

American government is defined by either Left (Democrats) or Right (Republicans). Although this system of defining government seems as if a logical way of looking at things, it misses the something important. On the surface this might hold some weight but what about the monster lingering underneath? The monster I speak of is the power government wields over its people.

police_brutalityGovernment really is the denial of liberty. Government is only related to liberty in the way that government takes away liberties not gives liberties. That is the type of power governments wields, the taking away of our liberties. Our Founding Fathers were very aware of this power that all governments share and needed a way to measure those powers because they were well against the accumulation of such powers to the national level and defined it as tyranny.

They saw the political spectrum as a balance between Tyranny and Anarchy; Tyranny being Ruler’s Law and Anarchy being No Law and People’s Law being the balance between Tyranny and Anarchy.

The Founders looked to the ancient Anglo-Saxons, and particularly Thomas Jefferson, for the balance between Tyranny and Anarchy. The People’s Law has characteristics primarily opposite from Ruler’s Law, which defines the term Tyranny.

The People’s Law should be looked at as principles to be followed by a republic government. The Ruler’s Law should be looked as principles to be followed by a tyrannical government, everything opposite of a government by the people, for the people. Here are both the principles; one being slavery and the other freedom:

Characteristics of Ruler’s Law

12998288491. Authority under Ruler’s Law is nearly always established by force, violence and conquest.

2. Therefore, all sovereign power is considered to be in the conqueror or his descendants.

3. The people are not equal, but are divided into classes, and are all looked upon as subjects of the king [the state].

4. The entire country is considered to be the property of the ruler, who speaks of it as his “realm” [homeland].

5. The thrust of government power is from the top down, not from the people upward.

6. The people have no unalienable rights. The King giveth and the King taketh away.

7. Government is by the whims of men, not by the fixed rule of law, which the people need in order to govern the affairs with confidence.

8. The Ruler issues edicts or executive orders, which are called “The Law,” who then interprets the law and enforces it, thus maintaining tyrannical control over the people

9. Problems are always solved by issuing more edicts or executive orders, setting up more bureaus, harassing the people with more regulators, and charging the people for these “services” by continually adding to their burden of taxes.

10. Freedom is never looked upon as a viable solution to anything.

11. The long history of Ruler’s Law is one of blood and terror, both anciently and in modern times. Under it, the people are stratified into an aristocracy of the Ruler’s retinue while the law to the common people is one of perpetual poverty, excessive taxation, stringent regulations and a continuous existence of misery.

Characteristics of People’s Law

70996451. The Anglo-Saxons considered themselves a commonwealth of freemen.

2. All decisions and the selection of leaders had to be with the consent of the people, preferably by full unity, not just a majority.

3. The laws by which they were governed were considered natural laws given by divine dispensation, and were so well known by the people they did not have to be written down.

4. Power was dispersed among the people and never allowed to concentrate in any one person or group. Even in time of war, the authority granted to the leaders was temporary and the power of the people to remove them was direct and simple.

5. Primary responsibility for resolving problems rested first of all with the individual, then the family, then the tribe or community, then the region, and finally, the nation.

6. They were organized into small, manageable groups where every adult had a voice and a vote. They divided the people into units of ten families who elected a leader; then fifty families who elected a leader; then a hundred families who elected a leader; and then a thousand families who elected a leader.

7. They believed the right of the individual were considered unalienable and could not be violated without risking the wrath of divine justice as well as civil retribution by the people’s judges.

8. They system of justice was structured on the basis of severe punishment unless there was complete reparation to the person who had been wronged. There were only four “crimes” or offenses against the whole people. These were treason, by betraying their own people; cowardice, by refusing to fight or failing to fight courageously; desertion; and homosexuality. There were considered capital offenses. All other offenses required reparation to the person who had been wronged.

9; They always attempted to solve problems on the level where the problems on the level where the problem originated. If this was impossible they went no higher than was absolutely necessary to get a remedy. Usually only the most complex problems involving the welfare of the whole people, or a large segment of the people, ever went to the leaders for solution.

Political Correctness is Tyranny Of The Mind
Political correctness is not merely an expression of opinion; it is the denial of anyone else holding a differing opinion–or even personally held moral and religious convictions.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” By any definition that Jefferson could have envisioned, today’s political correctness can only be regarded as “tyranny over the mind of man.” Forget freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, or freedom of privacy; political correctness demands that we don’t even have freedom of thought or opinion.

If one does not have the freedom to live in good conscience with his own sense of morality, he or she is indeed the most enslaved of creatures. Listen to Jefferson again: “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

income_tax_cartoon_ben_garrison1_FotorForcing men to pay taxes “for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors” is indeed sinful and tyrannical enough. But to compel a man to actively PARTICIPATE in ideas he disbelieves and abhors is even more so. And, that, my friends, is exactly what modern political correctness forces us to do–or at least tries to force us to do. Political correctness attempts to strip us of our own sense of right and wrong. It is not only tyranny of conduct and behavior; it is tyranny of the mind and heart.

For example, if someone says something critical of the homosexual lifestyle, they are labeled “anti-gay.” If they say something critical of the practices and policies of our politicians, they are labeled “anti-government.” And if they say something critical of Roman theology, they are labeled “anti-Catholic.”

There are only two things that it is politically correct to be “anti” about: it is perfectly acceptable to be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.” Not only is it politically correct to be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim”; it is all but REQUIRED that one be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.” One risks personal friendship and professional employment if he or she is NOT “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.”

Tyranny can come in many shapes and forms. There are tyrannical homosexuals, tyrannical politicians, tyrannical Catholics, tyrannical Muslims, and tyrannical Christians. Because there are those from any of the above groups who are tyrannical doesn’t mean that EVERYONE in those groups is tyrannical. When I resist the ACT of tyranny by someone–or a group of someone’s of a certain label, that doesn’t mean I am “anti” everyone who wears that same label.
But I absolutely will not be intimidated by name-calling when I resist what is obviously an act of tyranny, regardless of the label the tyrant wraps himself in.

To illustrate: I firmly believe that God has established marriage as being between a man and a woman. That does NOT mean I am against homosexuals having the same civil rights as everyone else because I believe that ALL Americans enjoy the same protections under the Bill of Rights. Accordingly, all Americans have the right to enter into civil contracts with one another. But civil union is NOT the same as Holy Matrimony, which can be–and has been–defined ONLY by our Creator. Both divine and Natural Law defines marriage.

Any attempt to force me to participate in a so-called “marriage” between same sex couples violates my moral conscience and is, by definition, an act of tyranny. And by Nature, I cannot submit to such an act. I cannot and will not.

PREACHER13I wonder what the good Romans 13 pastors across America are going to do as civil authorities attempt to force them to marry same sex couples. This has already happened on a small scale. And as homosexual marriage becomes more Vogue, Christian ministers across the country are going to come face to face with their own religious convictions something many of them have not done for quite a while. What will they do? We know what many, if not most, of them will do. They will comply. They are like the pastors of Nazi Germany who taught their flocks to obey the government no matter what and who justified their cowardice and heresy with the misinterpretation of Romans 13. This is the same misinterpretation of that chapter that pastors are regurgitating today. It is Political Tyranny!

PC2Do you see how political correctness has become tyrannical? Political correctness demands that we accept a Police State in the name of the “war on terror.” Political correctness demands that we dare not criticize neocon foreign policy in Washington, D.C. Political correctness demands that Christianity be held up to every form of ridicule and mockery. Political correctness demands that we not offend Muslims. And now, political correctness demands that people violate their own deeply held religious and moral convictions. Thomas Jefferson and the rest of America’s founders must be turning over in their graves.

Concerning marriage specifically, in my opinion, the state has absolutely no authority or responsibility defining, regulating, or controlling marriage. The state had little or no authority regarding marriage until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For the church to allow itself to be joined to the state is the unholiest of unions.

This latest attempt of civil authorities to define and regulate marriage should serve notice to everyone, especially Christians, that it is probably time to completely abandon civil marriages altogether and take it back to the individuals, families, and churches, where it rightly has always belonged.

158300_600_FotorPolitical correctness is not merely an expression of opinion; it is the denial of anyone else holding a differing opinion–or even personally held moral and religious convictions. It is exactly what Thomas Jefferson detested and personally opposed; it is “tyranny over the mind of man.”

The Blood Thirsty Oppressors has spawned an elitist faction, addicted to the privileges of wealth and power, and self-righteously contemptuous of morality and religion. On account of this contempt, successful members of this faction, abusing their privileged positions of authority, power and influence in every profession and walk of life, are working systematically to undermine the character of the American people and the world.

They diligently flatter and encourage the selfish and unnatural fears, conceits and passions of individuals, until their preoccupation with the vain identity rooted in these sentiments becomes the cause for which, as citizens, people organize themselves for political action.

This unwise obsession secret society first discredits and then subverts the constitutional government that entrusts sovereign authority to the citizen body of the people, until at length it is simply overthrown. For, by abusing sovereign power to enforce their own selfish and unnatural conceits and passions, the people abandon the just aim for which that power exists, which is to preserve the good that by right all humans share and are supposed to represent and preserve.

That common good; that proper aim and end of human sovereignty, is the existence, continuance and proper contentment of the nature all human beings have in common. By abandoning the essential aim of human sovereignty, the people prove themselves unfit to possess it.

Politically-Correct-Black1_FotorDictators and tyrants are rulers that have always used Politics and Political positions that control a country with absolute authority and are not restricted by a constitution or by laws. Dictators work in a governmental system in which the citizens do not possess the right to choose their own leaders. This type of system is called a Dictatorship, which now is in full force in America!

Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the LORD and against his anointed….

Global Deception and Global Control

1030152662Did you know genocide in history has been lead by civilian disarmament? Governments have murdered 17.3 million unarmed innocent civilians in the 20th century. The 21st century will be in the billions if the United Nations is able to disarm the world as they plan.

The New World Order is the largest most dangerous terrorist group in the world that wants to kill 7.3 billion people. They have stated their intentions very clearly, carved in Stone in 12 different languages.

Obama is using his political office, American lives, finances, resources and influence to empower Islam around the world and in the United States of America.


Offices & Laws of Political Tyranny: to name a few

White House

United Nations


The House of Representatives

Supreme Court

State Department

Department of Justice

Military Industrial Complex


Department of Homeland Security

Foreign Policy & Aid

Planned Parenthood

Veterans Administration

Department of Children & Families & Human Services


Federal Reserve

Board of Education






Surgeon General




Black Lives Matter


Jade Helm 15


Gun Control



The Patriot Act










Traffic cameras


GMOs (includes Bio and Environmental toxins)

Climate Change

Electromagnetic Radiation

Legal system (Bar Association)

Big Pharma/Vaccines/Fluoride


The most important weapon used against the people is “NO” official Declaration of War has not been given in times of War!

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