Z.AndrewsZeeda Andrews is owner and operator of Patriot Network News, a Messianic Jew with conservative values. Although she has been a registered Republican she claims no real party affiliation. Her beliefs lie and are loyal to anyone who espouses and supports conservatism, an adherence to maintaining core principles established by our forefathers as necessary toward the survival of the Republic of the United States. These principles are those of belief in a Judeo-Christian God and Savior Jesus Christ, a mandatory adherence to moral law based on Biblical teachings and personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions based on the understanding that we will all be held accountable to God on His Day of Judgment!

Army Ranger Mother and Radio Show Host. Zeeda became an activist speaking out against the Obama administration since 2010 has been involved in numerous protests in Washington D.C. Being concerned for her son while on numerous deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Zeeda participated in protests with The Tea Party, No Syrian War, and Reclaim America with Larry Klayman, Operation American Spring and being one of the Founders of Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

Zeeda is a tenacious investigator for the truth and seeks the restoration of the Constitution for America’s great Republic. Not only does Zeeda seek the truth about America’s wars, political corruption, and an out-of-control military-industrial complex and rouge government. Zeeda will hold your attention with her findings from years of research, investigation, interviews and inquiries, that will shake you to the reality of behind the scene corruption in Syria, Iraq, Israel and all across the Middle East and Africa that do correlate with Biblical Prophecy.

Zeeda also has a long history in the Country Music field as a Country Music Recording Artist from Nashville Tennessee, has toured the United States promoting her original Country Music in her youth and is no stranger to the stage, growing up in an environment of Country Music with a Father that played steel guitar a brother that played lead guitar and brother that played drums. Zeeda has performed on many well known stages including The Grand Ole Opry, The Palomino Club, The Wheeling Jamboree to name a few.

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